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MIANSEC has a unique company policy that targets customers in need of security advice on the small plane.

Business idea

MIANSEC's business concept is to sell high-quality security solutions to the security-conscious customers of the slightly smaller kind. The result will be morequality over quantity.

Business plan

MIANSEC's will represent several companies... the strategy is for the customer to be able to see what they want already at the first contact. MIANSEC must have established security solutions and ready-made concepts for the customer to "take home" immediately. MIANSEC's suppliers and partners are carefully selected to get the quality that MIANSEC' stands for. MIANSEC will work through advertising in the media and presentation on the "web".

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of utmost importance. Our entire team is prepared to meet those needs. As a result, a high proportion of our customers are repeat customers and referrals.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with the best service the industry has to offer.


MIANSEC's vision...

... is to expand slowly in order to maintain the efficient advice with high quality. And that the number of professional employees should be increased.


MIANSEC's products will be well-proven concepts and unique overall solutions for each customer's wishes. MIANSEC's partners are companies that are certified and always deliver according to the customer's wishes.

MIANSEC's strength in terms of the competitive situation is that the comprehensive solution, quality and that the price will be attractive.


MIANSEC's strategy to market itself will be through the media, the web and its customers and suppliers. MIANSEC will be noticed through its professional work and knowledge with existing customers as well as through the service and knowledge the safety-conscious staff can offer.

MIANSEC started in 2001 in a small format with big ambitions and has now grown with good potential and developed to become a sought-after consulting company on the market.

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